DOLOLO-Hotel is a brand new four star property at the heart of the city of JIMMA and we launched our service and accommodation to our esteemed guests on 16th of July, 2016. The property is founded by avisionary entrepreneur Mr. Yenegat, which is part of the four sister companies whose are owned and run by him. It is conveniently located within the quiet district of the city only a few minutes’ drive away from the Airport, moreover it is found opposite to Jimma Bus-station. The hotel rooms can accommodate from leisure to business travelers, hence our guests may choose form our luxury and furnished rooms that keeps maximum comfort beyond their expectation.

58 Well-furnished Rooms

Suite Rooms

53 Standard Rooms

Dololo Hotel Jimma

We developed the largest and best property in the city that consist a 58 well-furnished rooms with 3 Suites, 53 Standard spacious rooms, and 2 interconnected one. In addition, we provide standard amenities at the guest room with a well-stocked bar, a finest restaurant & conference halls a flexible accommodation capacity.As a furnished hotel we aim to invest more money and time into the finer things to provide extra amenities that go above and beyond the standard hotels in JIMMA.

We arecommitted to creating and providing the best hospitality services for our esteemed guests. We will position our hotel as one of the leading hotelsby offering high quality serviceswith excellenthospitality.  For this to be achieved, we will foster an environment in which all our employees can play a part through continued on-job training to promote excellence, teamwork, effective communication and innovation in all areas of the hotel orientation.

Our vision is to provide a world class service and accommodation in the hospitality industry. The term world class in this context presumed efficiency, quality service and a move toward best international hotel service practices. It has been formulated with the full involvement of the major customers and it will definitely have inspirational effects on the day- to-day activities of the employees of the hotel. It will also cultivate sense of ownership among the employees and   involve binding effect on those who will work towards its realization.

Dololo Hotel is creating a wonderful experience for our esteemed customers.In order to succeed, the management will strive to achieve the following goals:

  • Position Dololo Hotel as the best and world class hotel in our locationfor numerous customers,
  • Provide quality hotel services that relinquish the demands of our customers,
  • Build strong market position among the local and international customers, and
  • Maintain sound financial management of the Hotel.

We are committed to maximizing our hotel value through enhanced quality servicesand uncompromised customer satisfaction. We deploy highly motivated skilled, energetic and disciplined employees capable of providing high quality hotel services that meet international best practices and standards. We havea strong belief that reliability and customer satisfaction are the bases of our hotelsuccess.

We believe our strength is rooted in our core values: putting people first, pursuing excellence, embracing change, acting with integrity and serving our world. These values are our legacy and our future. Accordingly,

  • We stand for quality service,
  • We are committed to uncompromised customer satisfaction, and
  • Our employees are our valuable assets.

The management will focus more clearly on high quality service delivery and profit maximazation.In addition division of responsibility, planning, servicedelivery, frequent monitoring of action plans, and evaluation are specific mechanisms of achieving our goals.